Traveling via S&S International Express

Based in Singapore and Johor, S&S International Express is one rapid growing bus company that offers express bus journey to various destinations in Malaysia and Singapore. Started of with a few but now S&S International Express has come up with a good amount fleet of buses that has become very popular among most of the travelers from Malaysia. Nevertheless, being originated from Johor, S&S International Express becomes one of the famous choice for travelers traveling back to and fro by bus from Johor as well as Singapore.

Some of its famous express bus routes include bus from Singapore to Thailand, bus from Singapore to KL, bus from Johor to KL, bus from Johor to Kedah, bus from Johor to Melaka, bus from Johor to Seremban, bus from Johor to Penang, bus from Alor Setar to Kluang and much more.All the seats  are super well-equipped and has a comfortable and large room space for one to sit and walk comfortably. Besides that, the bus tickets also has  good seating for one to sleep and rest during the journey.

S&S International Express is very famous for a lot of the famous express bus routes in Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the famous bus routes are as mentioned above is usually some of the popular choices for passengers traveling in S&S. And now with the latest technology of internet and gadgets, one can start booking their S&S International Express bus tickets online at the online booking website of Easybook.com– that has more then 5500 departures per day. So doing an online booking for your bus tickets online is much more  easier now as you dint need to travel out anywhere and just book your S&S International Express bus tickets online – anywhere at home, cafe, mall, etc.

So do not think twice if you would like to travel with S&S International Express as the express bus offers a good comfort for seating, its also very reliable and is very punctual in leaving on time too. So travel safe and comfortably now with S&S International Express. Its sure to bring you safely back home town, no matter its Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand.  The S&S bus tickets are also fairly reasonable and standardize, so you can either go to the bus terminal or do an online booking at Easibook.com instead as it safes more time.  But indeed, doing an online booking with Easibook.com is like so much easier, hassle free and lots more of convenience.

So all you people out there who are looking out to travel within these countries, you do know where and what to look out for. This Singapore-express website is all geared to provide you with all the info needed in you selecting your right choice of express bus. So if you would like to know more of the express bus service then its the best to look here. And if you are planning to book your bus tickets online, you can always log on to Easibook.com for online booking.


Address: 371 Beach Road, #01-25, Key Point, Singapore 199597.
Pick-up Point: Key Point
Phone No: +65 6392 3623
Website: http://www.easybook.com

S&S International Express

Bus Schedule

Please Note: The schedule and fares stated by the table below in Singapore-Expressbus.com only serves as a guide. The alteration of fares and time schedules are at the preference of the express bus/coach operators. Therefore, it’s durably advisable to contact the bus operators for most updated information.

No. Bus Routes Time
1. SINGAPORE – MALACCA 8.45 am, 1.30 pm, 7.15 pm