Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA) – a Singapore-based organization comprising of large great players of the express bus market industry. Established in the year 2003, EBAA’s aim is to unite express bus operators and formations related to the industry to help enhance the efficiency and cooperation among the members of these companies.

Besides promoting goodwill, fostering cooperation and understanding among its members, EBAA™s objective is also to set up the aim at assisting its members in case of disputes, come up with recommendations to the relevant authorities in relation to any measures that may be taken involving its members. In addition to that, EBAA also offers assistance and advice to parties or organisations interested in the express bus trade and tourism and brings together person that’s engaged or connected to the express bus trade in order to corporate & exchange mutual ideas and views.

Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA)

Presently, there are 30 active members in EBAA that comprises a fair share of licensed express bus operators and companies that are related to the industry for instance, travel and tour agencies, bus body manufacturer, workshops offering general maintenance as well as insurance firm. Here are a few of those EBAA household: Five Stars Tours, Konsortium Express & Tours, Luxury Tours & Travel, Sri Maju Tours & Travel, Transtar Travel, WTS Travel & Tours, Lapan Lapan Travel, ComfortDelgro Bus, BusPlus, Nam Ho Travel, Resorts World Genting and SC Auto Industries.

Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA)

EBAA also took few initiatives such as introducing the insurance cover scheme policy for passengers traveling on coaches operated by EBAA members. A similar scheme has also been introduced exclusively for all drivers, stewards, stewardess and tour guides employed by members of the association, in particular the express bus and coach operators.

Travel Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (TPAIS)

Known as the Travel Personal Accident Insurance Scheme or TPAIS, this value-added scheme covers a wide range of benefits for all passengers travelling on buses operated by EBAAmembers. EBAA guarantees that claims arisen from any incidents will be processed and finalised within 2 weeks. Passengers will need to produce the insurance coupon as issued to them in order to make a claim or to enjoy the benefits provided. Chartis Insurance is the underwriter for the TPAIS insurance protection scheme.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS)

EBAA also ensure protection insurance to the employees of the express companies that travels on-board on this buses such as the drivers, cabin crews and tour guides. The scheme insurances all staffs from Malaysia, Singapore and foreign citizens.

Intercity Bus Terminal

EBAA is always in the process of enhancing operations and efficiency for the operators and at the same time providing comfort and convenience for passengers travelling by bus. The intercity bus terminal is said to be equipped with an array of amenities such as retail and F&B outlets, and hopefully a transit hotel which is to be located within the development. Foreign private investors are also invited to participate in the project, if the local authorities agree to the concept of an intercity bus terminal in Singapore.


EBAA greets any interested institutions to join the association. The member is entitled to numerous benefits with a low membership fee that can be gained in a short or long run. EBAA is also wanting to be the voice, representing the express and express bus operators as well as becoming the catalyst towards increasing the cooperation and efficiency among its members.

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