Singapore is an Asian island with a large population and is mostly an urban setting where many commercial activities take place thereby having few rural settlements, unlike Tioman which is an island as well, and is sparsely populated made of dense forests and ideal for rural settlements. People travel from Singapore to Tioman mainly due to business and shoppers as well travel to Singapore and back to Tioman.Tioman is also a beautiful island with nice ports and resorts that attract visitors hence there are people who are always travelling for holidays and others take some time out of their busy lives with their loved ones.The Whole trip will take you 3 hours on average with good traffic flow.

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There is a wide range of modern luxurious coaches serving the route from by bus from Singapore to Tioman to choose from.You Always have a wide range of coaches to choose from depending on what suits you.These companies include:- WTS Travel, Transnasional and Coach Centre. To suit the travellers convenience, various pick-up points and drop off points have been set up and as soon as you have paid for your ticket, you can board the next coach on the que .The Pick-up points are as follows; departure is at Singapore Flyer and arrival is at Pulau Tioman.Other drop off points along the way are at Kampung Air Batang,Kampung Genting,Kampung Paya,Kampung Salang and Panuba Bay.

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