Penang is one of the most visited places by travelers from Singapore. Travelers prefer traveling by bus from Singapore to Penang because it is convenient and economical compared to other methods of travel such as air. Those who love traveling will love this journey because of the numerous scenic views that one sees on the way. Night travelers may take a nap along the way making the journey comfortable. It takes around 9-10 hours to arrive in Penang from Singapore depending on the traffic. The road is also generally good and the buses make stopovers for refreshments and rests.

It will cost as low as S$36 to travel by bus but the prices vary depending on the bus company one prefers to use. At Easybook.com, travellers get to book for the online tickets faster and easily. Also Easybook.com offers discounted tickets all round the year and one will only need to look out for the discounts from the website.

Bus companies operating bus from Singapore to Penang include Konsortium, Billion Star Express, Sri Maju Group, Quistna Express and Citiexchange Express. Travelers can use some of the reliable public transport facilities such as Taxi and MRT services to get to the pick up points and from the drop off points. Pick up points include Boon Bay, Golden Mile towers, Golden Mile complex and little India. Common drop off points in Penang are Butterworth Jetty Terminals, Prangin Mall, Bukit Mertajam, Sungai Nibong, Juru Toll among other points.

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The next time you are planning on visiting Penang from Singapore consider travelling by bus.