Tourists going to the renowned Tioman Island are fond of the Singapore to Mersing route. Diving enthusiasts plus general beach lovers come to the island to savor the natural attractions available. Every year thousands of visitors from across the globe come to this destination to unwind. Therefore, using a bus from Singapore to Mersing is one of the most interesting adventures.The trip by bus from Singapore to Mersing takes around three hours, but this of course depends on the traffic situation on the route.

The bus from Singapore to Mersing is a partly S$35. For those who use Transnasional, the fare is discounted to S$ 15. These tickets are available at easybook.com, which is Singapore and Malaysia’s largest bus ticketing website. Initially, the site used to be called Easibook.com but has since rebranded to Easybook.com. Here you can book for your bus depending on factors such as departure time, destination, and number of passengers, among others.

The bus services operating in this route include Transnasional, WTS, The One Travel, which used to be referred to as Fivestars Express, and Maju Express. However, only Maju Express and Transnasional go as far as Mersing Bus terminal.

The availability of the online bus booking option is very attractive for anyone looking to use a bus route from Singapore to Mersing. While most passengers would prefer to travel during the day to behold the natural beauty along the beach, there are those who prefer the serenity of the night. Thus, booking for the bus at Easybook.com gives a reprieve and assurance of getting a bus on a 24 hours basis. Passengers do not have to worry about issues such as queue time and safety at night. Moreover, online tickets are instant and usually attract discounts. Inside the bus, passengers enjoy amenities such as entertainment, air conditioners, and comfortable seats. Book today at Easybook.com and have a hitch-free ride in a bus from Singapore to Mersing.