Recently there has been an International theme park that has been put up in Asia Legoland. Legoland neither discriminates tourists nor Malaysians, it serves everyone with equality and this is why this place has so many visitors during holidays and weekends. This theme park has attracted both the attention of tourists and citizens too. Between Singapore and Legoland is a distance of around 45km and this means a 40 minutes journey. Boredom will not be part of this journey because on the way there is so much to capture your eyes and attention too. The theme park has made Johor, Bahru a very busy place.

With the opening of the theme park in Legoland, many tourist attraction sites have been established in Legoland. There is now so much to enjoy in Legoland starting with Lego-themed water theme park, the Legoland hotel and another unique Legoland hotel right at the heart of the theme park.There are lots of resorts and hotels with serene environments and all sorts of delicacies from all over the world. In short, Legoland is a must visit place.

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