Traveling by bus from Singapore to Kuantan in Malaysia is the best experience you would ever have as you tour the two beautiful cities on business trips or even taking a holiday out with your family, workmates, friends or even some time alone on the beautiful coastline of Kuantan.In Kuantan you will find some of the best five-star hotels.Singapore is an urban setting mostly with few rural settlements hence hosts a wide spectrum of commercial activities.The Two cities hence exhibit a high range of mutual interdepedence in terms of business.You can opt for nothing better than that comfortable ride by bus from Singapore to Kuantam which will take you 4 to 5 hours with good traffic conditions.

Travelling by bus from Singapore to Kuantan is usually costlier in case you opt to have a direct ticket as you have to pay using the local Singapore currency.However, you can opt to break the journey and have a 20 minute refreshment break that is from Singapore to Johor Baru Larkin bus terminal and later proceed to Kuantan.It will cost you between 45 to 55 S$ depending on the choice of the bus to travel in.Children fres are also relatively less than adult fares.

The best thing about the whole experience is the wide range of luxurious coaches you usually choose from depending on your comfort needs and as usual the individual economic ability.The bus companies plying the route are;Five Star Express,Transnasional Express Sri Maju.

Some of the pick up points are Lavender Street and Golden Mile Tower. The busses will also drop you off t specific points;Terminal Makmut, Jalan Stadium Kuantan Cherating Impiana Hotel.

The luxury coaches will always be a part of the whole experience that you will ever remember.They are customised to give you all the comfort you need hence making the journey seem shorter! The comfortable seats in the coaches will always make you mistake the bus for a air trip in the business class! The perfect air conditioning systems are just perfect to give you the cool coastal breeze while you travel.The busses are also so spacious and willalways give you a reason why you should always travel in them.The next time you travel by bus from Singapore to Kuantan visit the website www.easybook.com for more amazing features of the busses as well as the services offered.