Kluang is a town found in Southern Malaysia. It is widely known as an industrial town and also depends on agriculture. And on top of that it is a tourist attraction centre due to the readily available porcelain and pottery products that tourist come to acquire. And due to the tourists travelling to the town it receives a very large number of visitors who tour the town. The distance between the two towns is not that long and coupled with the good roads serving the two points; travelling by bus from Singapore to Kluang might take roughly 3 hours to reach Kluang.

You can book your bus from Singapore to Kluang tickets online on Easybook.com at a price of S$19.50 both for adults and a child too. Or you can download and use the Easybook application that is compatible with nearly all devices from phones to laptops, and you have to monitor the schedule of the bus.

The route is served by only one bus company known as The One Travel & Tours. It is an affiliate of the Five Stars Express that is an established bus company in the region and provides luxurious transport services bus from Singapore to Kluang to a number of towns in Malaysia. It is managed by staffs who are more experienced in the transport field as they have an experience of over 20 years. The bus has pick up points at Boon Lay Shopping while the other one is at the Golden Mile Complex. The drop-off point is at the main Kluang Bus Terminal.

Booking online is cheaper and even faster. While the buses are fairly comfortable as the interiors are furnished with comfy seats that will ensure you are comfortable enough during the entire journey. And on top of that the staff will promptly serve you and respond to any of your concerns.