In recent years, getting a one way bus from Singapore to KLIA/KLIA 2 was barely possible. For most travelers, moving from Singapore to Malaysia using a bus has always been convenient and an affordable way of getting the tourists experience on the road. Considering, the journey by bus from Singapore to KLIA/KLIA 2, usually takes on average between eight to nine hours depending on the road traffic. Travelers have the opportunity of using either the train, taxi or bus as a mode of transport. A Bus From Singapore to KLIA/KLIA 2 will usually pass by several terminus points which essentially provides the travellers with option of disembarking at a station of their choice.

Most travelers/tourist using the by bus from Singapore to KLIA/KLIA 2 often book their tickets from Easybook.com. The bus ticket price for a Bus From Singapore to KLIA/KLIA2 via Easybook .com is as low as 24 SGD (Singapore dollars). However, for tourist that prefer to take longer hours on the road , using the coach services of Golden Coach express can be an option. Golden Coach Express Bus From Singapore to KLIA/KLIA2 charges a higher ticket value of 38SGD and also has 2+1 VIP seats.

Apart from Golden express coach, tourists/travelers can take a bus from Singapore to KLIA/KLIA 2 using coaches such as Superior Coach, Platinum star coach, YoYo express, Asia star and star shuttle. All the above bus services offer competitive ticket rates in Easybook.com for those traveling to Malaysia from Singapore. Furthermore, the boarding and alighting terminals are very convenient and are centrally placed. These include Changlun and Jitra.

The Easybook.com portal is mobile friendly, which makes it easier for travellers to book for any bus from Singapore to KLIA/KLIA2 using their smart phones. In addition to rewards and easipoints given upon booking, passengers get travel guides online. Easybook.com provides an environmentally friendly way of booking bus tickets. No queuing, faster processing ticket processing time and the freedom for passenger to choose bus seats.