Traveling by bus is one of the most luxurious mode of transport for everyone. This is because you are able to view various places on your way. Taking a bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands is the best option since the road used is in good condition. This mode of transport is the cheapest compared to other modes offered for this trip. Many people like to travel bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands due to it attractive landscapes, parks and hotels. A trip from Singapore to Genting Highlands takes about seven hours on a normal traffic.

This luxurious trip will cost you between S$30 to S$45. This rate is quite cheaper compared to other rates offered by other modes. Booking of these bus tickets is easy since you can do it online without leaving your home. This can be done on Easybook.com website where you can log in and make your preservation.

Different bus companies serve bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands . Some of these companies include StarMart Express, Five stars Tours, Sri Maju Group, Konsortium Express and many more. There are various pick-up point depending on time selected when booking. Some of these pick-up point are Golden Mile Complex, Golden Mile Tower, Sun Plaza, Peoples Park Centre and many other point which you can choose at Easy Book website. The trip also involves some drop-off point at different places which include First world Hotel and other points for refreshments then lastly at Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal.

Booking for a bus ticket online is modern safe way for you. This method is reliable, cheaper, faster and convenient. Online ticket booking enables you to book ticket without having to go to the booking offices which are always crowded. All the buses which take these routes are well maintained and modernized with very comfortable seats, flat screens, Wi-fi and air conditioned. Easy book is the best online bus ticket booking site since you get some discount when booking your ticket.