If you are based in Singapore or have been planning for a trip to Singapore and are also willing to visit the Cameron Highlands as well, then you should check out the easybook.com for securing your seat on the deluxe luxury buses for your travel on bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is known as the most popular and amongst the biggest hill station in Malaysia which is located approximately 600km away from Singapore and covers almost the same area in terms of land as Singapore does. Cameron Highlands area consists of four towns along with many other small villages which are all situated at various altitudes. Even though the road approaching the Cameron Highlands is in the mountains and twisting, but it has been recently updated and well maintained making it very safe for travelling by bus.

You could book your seats on the direct bus service provided on the route bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands from Easybook.com which provides the one stop shop solution for all your travel needs as road transport is the only mode of travel between the two areas.

One can either book a seat on the bus directly from Singapore or could also choose to reach Malaysia on your own and then board the buses either from Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh. Konsortium Express is the leading service providers which ply a to and fro daily bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. Both of these options are reliable as well as comfortable and hence one could make the choice according to the best deals on prices available.

Konsortium Express buses depart from the bus terminal at the Golden Mile Tower, Singapore daily at 10:30 pm. The bus route has many stops and the drop off points throughout the tour at the Ringlet, the Lakehouse , the Brinchang Hotel and the finally concluding at the famous Equatorial Hotel. The ticket is priced at approximately S$65 and the overall tour duration is between 8 to 9 hours.