99 Coachland Express Bus

99 Coachland Express Bus is a famous express bus that is very well-equipped with good amenities along with reclining seats and good space distance for movement for one to walk in the bus or stretch their legs. 99 coachland express bus also offers almost daily bus services from Singapore to states in Malaysia such bus from Singapore to Melaka which usually departs on Friday. One of the other popular bus trip includes express bus from Singapore to Hatyai. This bus company  usually specializes in this express bus service and is very famous  for providing this daily bus services to all its passengers.

All the express buses are with comfortable seating as in 2 + 1 express bus seating. So you wont get to complain or wont feel any congestion in it. Malaysia is in between Singapore and Thailand, so this buses will definitely need to go thorough Malaysian highway. So the 99 coachland will usually pick its passengers up from Golden Mile Complex and from there, it will definitely make few stops along the way for those who wishes to use the washrooms and get some snacks.

99 coachland will usually offer this daily  transport at 6pm if your planning to take the bus from Singapore to Hatyai. The reason why you will need to take the express bus at 6pm as this so that you will be able to sleep during the journey as it takes about more then 12 hours to reach the destination at Hadyai. The bus ticket prices ranges from SGD70 – SGD100 -depending on the location at Thailand – no matter its Koh Phi Phi ,Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phuket, Koh Phangan and other locations. 

99 Coachland Express Bus Details

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #01-16 Singapore 199588.
Pick-up Point: Bugis / Beach Road
Phone No: +65 6293 6692 / +65 6293 6694
Website: http://www.easybook.com

Bus Schedule For 99 Coachland Express

No. Bus Routes Time
1. SINGAPORE – Hatyai 6.00 PM