Travelling by bus from Penang to Singapore can be both exciting and fun. It’s very comfortable and you get to see wonderful, appealing and amazing features on the way and this makes it a very popular mode of transport among the locals in the area. The website makes it very simple and easy for one to book their tickets online without having the hassle of finding a physical location to access the tickets.The process of getting the tickets is very easy and one is only required to pick a date and time in the website.

Since the buses make several trips in a day from Penang to Singapore, one needs to pick a choice which is most suitable or convenient for him or her. Easybook has been in operation since 2005 and is very reliable and luxurious.Some of the buses that operates from Penang to Singapore includes Newsia Express Service Centre and Konsortium Bas Ekspres. These fleets have inbuilt executive reclining seats, on seat entertainment, on-board toilets and air conditions. All this is meant to keep the travelers comfortable and entertained throughout the entire journey which takes about 7 hours maximum.

The buses also do have a few stops for their clients which are meant to help them relax and take some refreshments. Departure and arrival time are clearly outlined on the website which makes it possible for one o plan for the journey in advance. Different modes of payment are accepted which includes credit and debit cards.

Once you get to Singapore ,you can use taxi or other methods of travelling to get to your ideal destination. Standard tickets are as also offered by Easybook, express and buses that cover the entire Malaysian peninsular and Thailand.Even if it’s just for sightseeing or a getaway trip to Singapore, travelling by bus from Penang to Singapore would be the most convenient, safe, comfortable and reliable means.

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